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Mon, Jul. 21st, 2008, 11:44 am
Hey Nif =)

I was just organizing my e-mails and realized i have a folder called "jenn" so i checked it out, brought back some memories =) I hope everything is going well!! Just thought I'd stop by and say Hi =)


Sun, Mar. 20th, 2005, 09:40 am
sleeping pretty niffer

hey baby,
You're sleeping right now and i got home from work a little while ago. I wish i was with you... i love sleeping with you it makes me happy =). Anyway, i hope we have some goodtimes again soon, i've been having fun. I hate a sad niffer =/. I really don't want to work on this presentation today but i really have 2 so i might have to drag you around to some places.

oh sorry i forgot to submit this ;)

Mon, Mar. 14th, 2005, 08:06 am
to my love :)

Good morning baby :) I don't know when your gonna see this but I just thought id tell you i love you!!! Its early, i dont have class til 930 =/ blah. Tray didnt go to school AGAIN which completley fucked up my whole sleeping late thing, but its alrite because I'm still in a good mood :) I had a lot of fun with you last nite- Bowling (113),lunch at friendly's, laying in ur bed together and sleeping, drinking (even tho i didnt feel anything =( ) Driving around and singing at the top of our lungs <3 Its the little things we do together that make our relationship so special <3

I hope your feeling better today, i miss my fun fluff-a-nut. Today should be another fun day...library (cuz we are nerds!) and more bowling for your sake. Im so playing DDR too- theres no denying that. ;)

Alrite baby I'm gonna go study now- I love you more than anything :) xoxoxo*


Love Always and Forever,